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OVH infrastructure...

OVH has its machines installed in several datacenters in Paris and its surroundings:
  • Paris 19, datacenter owned by Ovh, 2700m2, capacity: 350 rack space, available offers: servers for websites, web hosting, dedicated servers lease, administrators' service: 24/7
  • Paris 11, datacenter owned by Free Telecom, 300m2 capacity: 180 rack space, available offers: housing, ip transfer
  • Redbus, datacenter owned by Redbus, 3000m2
    capacity: 53 rack spaces
    available offers: housing, IP transit
  • Telehouse 1, datacenter owned by Telehouse, 1500m2
    available offers: ip transit
  • Telehouse 2, datacenter owned by Telehouse, 2000m2
    available offers: ip transit
  • Global Switch, datacenter owned by Global Switch, 15,000m2
    available offers: ip transit


  • fibre optic network connected in double safe circulation
  • connections of 2 * 10 Gbps minimal traffic
  • IP multihomed network is passing through 3 independent transit providers,
  • multiple peering through peering points in Paris, London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam,
  • total bandwidth of network 120Gbps

Web hosting:

  • Hosting protected against breakdowns,
  • cluster composed of 1500 servers,
  • balanced load,
  • 80TB of disk space available for file servers,

Dedicated server:

  • high density hosting, based on dedicated servers, produced and mounted by Ovh,
  • up to 42 servers in a rack space,
  • power supply secured against overvoltage,
  • redundant air conditioning,
  • redundant network