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OVH offers services related to the hosting of websites and generally, a way of showing a unique presence on the Internet.
The customer demand and the available technologies are the basis for the evolution of OVH since its establishment in 1999.

To ensure that we have the best prices, OVH has always privileged the internal development. Our teams of engineers are in direct contact with the telephone and e-mail support in order to be closer to the customer's needs. Thus, the services offered by OVH on a day by day basis, are simpler to use and benefit from increased performance. This is all done while remaining at the cutting edge of the technologies.

Within a few years, OVH became the most important web hosting company in France *. It is a reflection of our hosting in terms of the richness of the offer, its good value for money and the rate of availability of hosted sites. For several years, OVH has met the highest growth of all French registrars. A powerful WEB management tool (Manager), easy-to-use interface, outsourced (for resellers). All these reflecting the richness of the offers enabling us to meet all kinds of needs.

*: in quantity of host names and active sites (source Netcraft Hosting Provider Analysis April 2006: http:/

The company history


  • OVH continues its efforts in R & D. A new generation of RPS (Real Private Server) is under way. The construction of the Roubaix 4 datacenter can begin ...

  • No Power Project: OVH launches research on photovoltaic power servers
  • New services are emerging: virtual racks, cloud computing and virtualisation
  • Work on the new Roubaix 3 datacentre has started
  • Launch of the Lithuanian, Finnish, Czech, Irish and Dutch subsidiaries

  • New 2008 support creation
  • Launch of new ecological system: EcoRoom
  • Loyalty space creation
  • Launch of RPS
  • Launch of Beta telephony offer
  • Launch of RPS 2 and 3
  • Opening of first dedicated housing datacentre in Paris DC1
  • Launch of .cc .tv .li .ch .nl .me
  • OVH passes the 100 Gbps cap on its network
  • Opening of .pro
  • OVH passes the 40,000 dedicated server cap
  • OVH passes the 40 domain name extension cap that they are available to sell
  • The OVH network has a capacity of 400 Gbps and over 25 points of presence in Europe

  • Launch of the first 8-cored ual Xeon Quad server
  • Launch of modules (creating sites with one click) for shared hosting
  • Launch of the SOAPI API
  • launch of .at domains
  • Launch of the new anti-scan system for dedicated servers
  • Launch of OVH's innovtive vKVM
  • Launch of the flash disk option on dedicated servers
  • New OWO service to hide the WhoIs domain names
  • Launch of a new package for AllDom domain names
  • OVH reached the milestone of 20,000 dedicated servers
  • Launch of SSL certificates
  • Started work on creating a new offer: RPS
  • Telephony: Started work on launching the telephony offer

  • Opening of .eu
  • Installation of new filers for shared servers
  • Creation of high-capacity shared hosting
  • Setting up the backup offer for dedicated servers
  • Several IPs for dedicated servers
  • Launch of dedicated 64-bit servers
  • OVH goes to 100mbps and unlimited traffic on dedicated servers
  • Opening of Roubaix datacentre (rbx1)
  • Opening of en .de et .uk domains
  • Launch of IP failover addresses
  • IP failover and geographic failover
  • Launch of 1st Kimsufi and €19.99 per month dedicated server.

  • start radio streaming
  • purchase of 5000 square metres of building area in Roubaix
  • increase x4 the amount of RAM in rented dedicated servers
  • double the limits for web hosting

  • construction of datacenter Paris 19
  • liberalisation of .fr
  • creation of beta version of manager v3 by OVH and soap/php function which allows designing individual version of interface. Creation of MoM manager for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • installation transfer to the datacenter in Paris 19 (2000 servers)
  • creation of internal OVH network with two independent 2Gbps circulations and direct connection to: Paris 19, Telehouse 1, Telehouse 2, Redbus, Paris 11, Global Switch
  • start IP transit
  • double the bandwidth for all dedicated servers (several times)
  • startup of .biz domain registration
  • triple the space available for web hosting and increase all limits
  • start 240GP and change to 300GP

  • start bandwidth offer in Telehouse 2
  • creation of housing offers in Redbus datacenter
  • purchase of 3000 square metres of building area
  • creation of Tel2pay service
  • startup the remote purchase of servers
  • creation of dedicated server JumboRaq II
  • double the bandwidth for all dedicated servers
  • start site
  • start 20GP

  • creation of gameplan
  • creation of ebackup
  • designing of dedicated server JumboRaq and the creation of an assembly line for it
  • free dedicated servers startup
  • launching of .be
  • start 60GP

  • OVH received ICANN accreditation
  • startup of .com, .net & .org domain registration
  • increasing the available configurations for the following offers: 5plan to 90plan, 40plan to 240plan and 120plan to 720plan
  • start Mediaplan & XXLplan

  • creating a new system of functioning for web hosting: cluster-based configuration minimising the breakdown risk
  • startup of dedicated server lease
  • installation transfer to the new datacenter in Paris 11 (200 servers)

  • OVH gains trust of an increasingly bigger group of customers and broadens the offer
  • sale of dedicated servers (cobalt)
  • other proposals of website hosting
  • registration of .fr domains
  • start MXPlan for customers interested in additional email accounts (5 plan, Mailplan)

  • creation of first free hosting accounts together with additional options
  • start 40pack i 120pack.