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The Cloudera distributions are Linux distributions ready to form a Hadoop cluster.

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is a free framework written in Java that facilitates the writing of distributed applications.

Some components of Hadoop are extremely popular today:

  • MapReduce, an algorithm which allows the alignment of a task or calculation over large amounts of data;
  • HBase, a distributed database for large data volumes;
  • HDFS,the distributed file system.

One peculiarity of Hadoop is its ability to operate even if several nodes in the cluster are faulty.

Why the Cloudera distribution?

The Cloudera company is now a reference in the Hadoop world and a major contributor. We offer the above CDH3 version of Ubuntu 10.04 (64bit) using: HDFS, MapReduce, HBAse, Hive, Zookeeper, Hue.

What are the characteristics of the 3 versions offered by OVH?

  • 'Pseudo-distributed' Mode: it's a version for testing and development. All Hadoop bricks are collected on a single machine.
  • 'Master' Mode: in a Hadoop cluster, you must have a 'Master' server that shall be responsible for managing your cluster. 'The Master' has the roles of 'JobTracker' for MapReduce and 'namenode' for HDFS.
  • 'Slave' Mode: for all nodes in your cluster to perform the calculations ('TaskTracker') and contain data ('datanode').


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