Windows Server 2008 Datacenter SP2 + Virtuozzo 4.6


The Virtuozzo distribution allows you to manage your entire virtual infrastructure in a few clicks with a powerful web interface. It is based on Windows Server 2008 or 2003.

It is possible to create a cluster with multiple servers and migrate a VPS without service interruption.

Through the interface, you can manage the host and the VPS, install and remove services, manage resources and implement "templates" in existing VPS.

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Web Hosting

80% compatible80% compatible80% compatible80% compatible

Email Hosting

60% compatible60% compatible60% compatible


Easy to use

100% compatible100% compatible100% compatible100% compatible100% compatible



Datacenter Edition SP2 32bit + Virtuozzo 4.6




Technical details

Access to a server Email service
FTP (Port 21) - POP3 (Port 110) -
SSH (Port 22) yes IMAP (Port 143) -
TSE (Port 3389) - SMTP (Port 25) -
Web services Programming
Web (Port 80) - My SQL -
Named (Port 53) - PHP -
Control panel Virtuozzo