Owner change

Register your domain name

Owner change

Easily transfer the ownership of your domains

For geographic extensions (ccTLD): .ie, .co.uk, .us, .asia, etc...

Between two OVH customers

You can contact and request a member of our support team to to create the order for you. For change of owner to be done correctly, all the required information is in the support document.

Between an OVH customer and an external customer

You change the owner and transfer the domain name in the meantime. You just need to launch the transfer to OVH for the owner change to be saved.

For generic extensions (gTLD): .com, .net, .biz,.pro, etc...

Between two OVH customers:

Go to your Manager and launch the procedure.

Between an external customer and an OVH customer

You can change the owner with your current registrar then launch the transfer (or vice versa)