MediABC, OVH's communications agency

About MediABC

Created in October 2008 by Stephanie Klaba, MediABC is's communications agency.
Its purpose is to be fully integrated into the French host.
An unusual situation, that stems from a simple observation: to promote this field of activity, often misunderstood by the media and non-specialised agencies, you need to be as close as possible to its players.



MediABC is in charge of all of OVH's communication projects, whether they are internal, external, media or not.
The areas of responsibility are diverse that include media planning, public relations, event management, editorial, direct and operational marketing to name but a few.

On a daily basis, MediABC works like any communications agency.
It is built around project managers, a creative studio with graphic designers and a photographer, as well as a publication department run by a team of editors.
Each one of them is extremely passionate about their job. These professionals work on transposing the IT world into texts, illustrations, photos and videos.

The MediABC team


MediABC, OVH's communications agency
Sophie Lennon
Phone: +33 9 74 53 35 05
Jane Kinghan
Phone: +353 1 639 0037