About MediABC

Created in October 2008 by Stephanie Klaba, MediABC is OVH.com's communications agency. It's unique as it's fully integrated into the French web hosting service provider. A somewhat unusual situation that stems from a simple observation: web hosting is often misunderstood by different media and non-specialised agencies, so you need to be as close as possible to its players to promote it.

About MediABC

MediABC is in charge of all of OVH's communication projects - internal, external, media-related or otherwise. It's missions are diverse and include media planning; public relations; event management; editorial, direct and operational marketing, and many more.

On a daily basis, MediABC operates like any other communications agency. It's made up of project managers, a creation studio with graphic designers and photographers, and a publication department run by a team of editors. Each team member is extremely passionate about their job. They work hard to translate the IT universe into texts, illustrations, photos and videos.




Héloïse Kaddour

Tel: +33 9 74 53 35 05


Sophie Lavergne

Tel: +33 9 74 53 35 05

Canadian Press

Stéphanie Klaba

Tel: +1 514 249-1823

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