Load Balancing IP

Your hybrid connectivity
between and within datacentres


9.99  /month

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Load Balancing IP

The Load Balancing IP is an IP address supported by the OVH network, which spreads the load between the IP addresses of your different services over our PoPs. It brings you better performances, failure tolerance, a higher SLA and and optimised response times, and as close as possible to your users, thanks to the Anycast technology.



9.99  /month
Order Order
IP Range (per unit) /32
Dedicated IP yes
Traffic Unlimited
Bandwidth Included


Number of configurable IPs per LB IP 16
Eligible ports HTTP: 80
HTTPS: 443
MySQL: 3306
PostGreSQL: 5432
Customisation of the spreading across different services yes
Via the API
Session management configuration (sticky) Null / source IP / Cookies


Roubaix (RBX) eligibility yes
Strasbourg (SBG) eligibility yes
Gravelines (GRA) eligibility yes
Beauharnois (BHS) eligibility Coming soon
Datacentre load balancing Included
Multi-datacentre compatible +9.99  /month/additional datacentre


SSL option (certificate included) +49.99  /year/IP



RESTful API yes
Manager v6 Coming soon


Dedicated Serversyes
Dedicated Cloudyes

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