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With phpList, you can manage mass sending of emails to lists of subscribers, based on criteria you set.

Powerful tool for managing your email, phpList allows you to track the sending of emails and check that they have been received by each customer. In addition, you can view the time and date your messages were received.

Collect information with your subscriber list, and prepare targeted e-mails. No need to send emails en masse: send messages only to the recipients concerned.

PhpList is the ideal tool for big companies and organisations.

Official website: http://www.phplist.com/demo
Install PhpList in 1 click for free on OVH Web Hosting
directly from your manager

Installation tools PhpList
Automatic installation on your hosting in OVH Yes
Installation tools of additional modules (plugins) Yes
Tools for content management PhpList
Effective monitoring of mails Yes
Comes with a improved management plugin model Yes
Community PhpList
Technical FAQ Yes
User forum Yes
Technical documentation Yes

Commercial support:

01 6390037

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

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