The company

Present in 17 countries, OVH is the n°1 Internet hosting provider in Europe and third worldwide. 250,000 servers, 17 datacentres, 18 millions web applications, a 5.5 Tbps fiber-optic network, the company has grown exponentially and now counts more than 1,400 employees across the globe.

OVH owes its success to an original development model based on innovation and complete control of the hosting chain; the company builds its own servers, maintains its own infrastructures and provides support to its customers.

15 years of innovation

OVH has been shaping the internet of now and the future since 1999, an era when not many people saw the potential of the internet. OVH innovates at the heart of the web, datacentres and networks, and is constantly inventing new services to revolutionise the way we work and change our lives. The company has always been firmly committed to the respect of rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals, and equal opportunity of access to new technologies.

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