Innovation is in our DNA

OVH's reflex to think ahead and challenge itself is what sets the company apart from its competitors and puts it one step ahead in the market. Ground-breaking innovation is deeply inscribed in OVH's past and present. The teams constantly optimise and invent on all fronts, pragmatically and with determination.
This constant innovation extends beyond technology to all areas of the business. Everyone is equipped and has the opportunity to bring new ideas.

Passion is our state of mind

All OVH employees have one thing in common: passion. A passion for new technologies and all things digital; a passion to create and produce high-quality services for all stakeholders in the company - first and foremost OVH customers.

Passion works like a motor. It drives us to develop our skills, strive for excellence and surpass our limits.

Teamwork is our strength

We're better together than alone. OVH believes that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts: we can achieve common goals through cohesion, trust, integration and respect for the talent of every individual. Our asset is that we communicate with one another in an understanding and diverse environment which stimulates our work. Sharing knowledge and experiences are part of our daily lives. Much like the internet itself, our work is participative and collaborative.