Content Delivery Network (CDN)

OVH CDN PoPs around the world: Asia, America, Europe

The OVH CDN network

With the Content Delivery Network, your content has a global presence! By bringing your website geographically closer to your visitors, you will speed up loading times. The cached content is replicated in many parts of the globe on OVH's CDN network, ensuring that it gets redirected to the PoP nearest to the user, in record time.

You have access to 19 CDN points of presence (PoPs) in Asia, Europe and America:


The European CDN points are located in Paris (France), Milan (Italy), Madrid (Spain), Amsterdam (Netherlands), London (UK), Frankfurt (Germany) and Warsaw (Poland).

Paris (France)

Milan (Italy)

Madrid (Spain)

Amsterdam (Netherlands )

London (United Kingdom)

Frankfurt (Germany)

Warsaw (Poland)

North America:

The CDN points in the USA are located in Chicago, Dallas, Newark, New York, San Jose, Ashburn, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, Palo Alto. A PoP is also available in Toronto, Canada.

Chicago (USA)

Dallas (USA)

Newark (USA)

San Jose (USA)

Ashburn (USA)

Atlanta (USA)

Los Angeles (USA)

Miami (USA)

Seattle (USA)

Toronto (Canada)


The Asian CDN PoPs are located in Tokyo (Japan) and Singapore in the capital city.

Tokyo (Japan)

Singapore (Singapore)

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