Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Improve SEO

Improve your international SEO naturally with CDN

Advantages of OVH CDN:

  • Improve SEO for each country
  • Fast routing to the nearest PoP via IP Anycast technology, enabling sites to be "located" internationally

Optimise your website SEO

Preventing your site from slowing down is a major challenge for all critical sites. It's no secret that loading times are critical SEO factors for Google, Bing and Yahoo etc.

CDN reduces the response time and improves the loading speed of your pages, an additional factor for improving your website ranking in search engine results pages. SERP.

improve search engine rankings

better Google ranking

SEO and location: global identity for your website

Website IP addresses are usually based on geographical location. If your hosting servers are located in the UK, they will have UK IP addresses.

The Content Delivery Network uses an IP Anycast. , which doesn't have a location and so is suitable for businesses and organisations with an international focus. Search engines use the IP location to refine user search results by proximity to their location.

It gives your sites a real boost in terms of international SEO. Thanks to CDN with IP Anycast, websites can be located all over the world and can thus achieve better rankings in local search engines.

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