Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN for international websites

OVH CDN: The key to success for your international website

Advantages of OVH CDN:

  • Worldwide presence for your websites
  • A consistent quality level for site users
  • Your address is always local thanks to IP Anycast.

Global online presence

Thanks to the CDN, distribution of all your web content is optimised through our 19 points of presence around the world.

multiregion content delivery network website

international website location

A uniform brand image for your business.

Make sure your brand image remains consistent from one continent to the next with the CDN. Your loading speed is optimal everywhere and SEO is optimised for each country. Nothing is overlooked.

The CDN virtualises your website location

With IP Anycast technology, your website appears to be local even from a search engine perspective, as though you had a physical server in each point.

So even though dynamic requests are carried out on the backends, the static part of your cached content will behave like a local server hosted in each country... without any duplication.

web internationalisation strategy