Content Delivery Network (CDN)

WebStorage CDN

The indispensable solution for optimising access to your web applications anywhere in the world.


4.99 /month

The WebStorage CDN offer

Take advantage of the OVH CDN (Content Delivery Network) to store your files or applications as close to the end users as possible. Enjoy faster downloads and improved SEO.

Price From:4.99 /month

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Number of points of presence 19 OVH PoPs around the world
Storage via OpenStack (HTTPS) Up to 50 TB
Traffic According to tariff (100 GB included)
Multi-stockage replication
(File storage outside of the CDN)
IP address Dedicated IP


Control Panel yes
RESTful API yes
WebApp yes

File storage*

100 GB 4.99 /month
500 GB 22.99 /month
1 TB 44.99 /month
5 TB 219.99 /month
10 TB 419.99 /month
50 TB 1,999.99 /month
*Maximum size of files stored: 5 GB

Traffic (outgoing bandwidth)

1 TB 9.99 /month
10 TB 79.99 /month
100 TB 599.99 /month
1000 TB 5,999.99 /month
10,000 TB 59,999.99 /month