Virtual Cloud Desktop: 2 ready-to-use solutions

For every need there's a solution: choose Virtual Cloud Desktop if you're looking for a virtual desktop with plug-and-play simplicity. Opt for Virtual Cloud Desktop Infrastructure if you need to deploy and manage a pool of virtual desktops.

Virtual Cloud Desktop
Your computer, your content and your applications are all accessible from any device.

For students, self-employed, small businesses

Virtual Cloud Desktop Infrastructure
Deploy virtual desktops for your colleagues or your customers.

For large corporations and companies

Need flexibility?

Software development
Remote working
Sales meetings
Short-term projects

Why virtualise your workstations?


Why has OVH waited until now to launch its Virtual Cloud Desktop solution?

For almost ten years now, we have been talking about the virtual desktop as a symbol of modern computing. And nearly every year we predict its imminent widespread use in business... without ever seeing the expected result. Mobility, security, cost savings and flexibility — the right reasons to implement the solution have not really changed...
Written by Hugo Bonnaffé, OVH

OVH Virtual Cloud Desktop: what sets it apart from the competition?

OVH has launched its Virtual Cloud Desktop and Cloud Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offerings. Why did OVH use VMware's Horizon solution to build these solutions, and what platform are they based on? Get the answers from François Loiseau, Senior Cloud Architect within the team that designed these solutions.
Written by Hugo Bonnaffé, OVH
François Loiseau
"Boost your productivity by taking your customised work environment with you wherever your job takes you"
François Loiseau, Senior Cloud Architect OVH