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Scalable up to 1PB
Available with a base size of 2 TB, you can easily expand your disk array to several petabytes. Ceph technology is designed to allow you to upgrade storage capacity without interruptions.
100% availability
OVH Cloud Disk Array is a high-availability solution. Data is replicated 3 times on different points of failure to ensure maximum availability of your files.
Data consistency
The consistency of data is checked weekly on each replication, to ensure that data is perfectly preserved. This operation is completely transparent to the user, you will not have to check the validity of your data.

Use cases

Scalable storage block
Thanks to CEPH technology, it is easy to configure a Cloud Disk Array as a redundant and scalable storage solution in order to host and share your company's critical files.
Proxmox storage cluster
Block storage is the ideal solution for storing images of your VMs and building a reliable and powerful private cloud infrastructure.

Get started with your Cloud Disk Array

Order and manage your storage

Once you have ordered Cloud Disk Array, you can manage it directly from your customer account, monitor your resources, add disk space and manage access.

Send your data and make it available

1- Export your data using the available protocols (RBD, API REST, …)
2- Your data is stored on the Cloud Disk Array and automatically replicated three times to ensure 100% availability
3- You can also use one of the available protocols to expose your data to your users and services

Increase your storage space

Do you need more storage space? Simply go to your OVH customer account and choose how much additional space you need for your infrastructure. Once your order has been confirmed, storage will automatically be added and you will be notified by email once this is complete. Performance may be reduced during this procedure.


  • CEPH is a distributed storage technology, which can be configured as a file system, block storage or object storage. CEPH was designed to deliver performance, reliability (redundance) and to enable live rezising. CEPH is often used in an OpenStack environment.
Storage space
  • 2TB to 24TB of available storage capacity.
    Need more space? Contact us
Resizing on a live system
  • With Cloud Disk Array Storage, you can easily expand your storage infrastructure, directly from your customer account.
Geographical zones
  • France: Gravelines (GRA1)
  • France: Strasbourg (SBG1)
  • Canada: Beauharnois (BHS1)
  • Each disk is dedicated to you, which guarantees the best performance. CEPH also delivers scalable performance. The greater your storage space, the higher the performance. Performance benchmarks are available in our technical documentation.
  • 100%
    Each Cloud Disk Array block is replicated three times. Moreover, Ceph architechture was designed to have no single point of failure (SPOF). Each service is redundant to ensure maximum availability.
Access protocols
  • You can access your Cloud disk Array via different technologies:
    • Block storage, thanks to RBD (RADOS Block Storage).
    • Coming soon: Objet Storage: Using the REST API or RADOS Gateway.
    • Coming soon: By configuring it as a file system with CephFS.

    At the moment only RBD access is natively configured.
Compatible products
  • Dedicated servers (OVH, So you Start, Kimsufi), Private Cloud, OVH Public Cloud, VPS
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