OVH Public Cloud Storage

Two innovative and complementary technologies for hosting all your data

Object Storage InstancesObject StorageSimple and fully elastic service, optimised storage capacity/price ratio

Object Storage Triple replication Free incoming traffic
Outgoing traffic: €0.01/GB
0.01 /month/GB

Additional Disks InstancesAdditional DisksSimplified architecture, optimal flexibility, faster deployment

Classic Volume Triple replication 200 IOPS* guaranteed
0.04 /month/GB
High Speed Volume Triple replication Up to 3,000 IOPS*
0.08 /month/GB

* Input/output Operation Per Second

Services included with OVH Public Cloud

High availibility disk

Triple data replication

Simplified control panel

Manage all of your OVH Public Cloud services

OVH & OpenStack API

Manage and automate all your services

OVH network

Reap the benefits of the OVH global network