Discover OVH's major innovations

Here are the main developments from the last 18 months and the releases scheduled for 2015.

Dedicated +
  • BigData: ready-to-use server clusters for collecting and analysing huge volumes of data.
  • It's now quicker to install Microsoft distributions with the Windows Installer v2.
  • Update of cPanel 11.36, Proxmox 3 and FreeBSD 8.4.
  • New Dedicated Server range integrating the latest generation megaRAID cards, for ultra-quick access to data and improved reliability.
  • New OVH Control Panel  for managing products in the Dedicated Universe (servers and CDN).
  • New distributions: Fedora 19, Archlinux, Plesk 11.5, and Xenserver 6.2.
  • All Dedicated Server ranges are updated: more power and memory for a more attractive price.
  • After six months of R&D, a new range is introduced to Kimsufi.
  • The setup fees for HG Dedicated Servers are reduced to compensate for a longer rental period of one month.
  • The birth of KS-24G equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor and 24 GB of RAM.
  • The new range of Dedicated Servers is available to order in Canada from Europe.
  • The Release 3, the distribution designed by OVH based on CentOS 6, 64 bits, is in beta testing. This version includes many improvements and new features.
  • Release 3, the distribution designed by OVH based on CentOS 6, 64 bits, is in beta testing. This version includes many improvements and new features.
  • Loyalty to Dedicated Servers is rewarded: from the 4th month with the same machine, customers benefit every month from an additional failover IP address slot.
  • Windows + Plesk 11.5, ISPconfig3 (Debian 7) or even Proxmox 3.1 are available on Dedicated Servers.
  • Two features are added to help customers manage their Dedicated Servers in the Control Panel: Secondary DNS management and Netboot for servers.
  • OVH reveals its high performance computing offers: from the ready-to-go HPC server (HPC Mono, coming soon) to the dedicated cluster (HPC Cluster), to the pay-per-hour shared cluster (HPC Spot).
  • An IP address supported by the OVH network spreads the load between your various Dedicated Servers, virtual private servers or even Dedicated Cloud VMs.
  • Adding an SSL certificate to a Load Balancing IP guarantees the security of exchanges between our customers and infrastructures.
  • Windows Server 2012 R2. The new version of the Microsoft OS, is available on installation of a Dedicated Server.
  • Based on Veeam technology, the backup solution offered by OVH allows customers to backup VMs every night and save them for 14 days.
Web +
  • LAMP is available on VPS Classic, VPS Low Latency or VPS Cloud. This platform, that integrates Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, enables customers to more easily build servers for their websites.
  • WordPress and PrestaShop are pre-installed on VPS.
  • DNSSEC available with .in, .ac, .sh and .io: the security protocol can be activated for free to secure domain names with these extensions.
  • The .be accented domains are available.
  • With Anycast DNS, DNS registrations are replicated across 20 sites throughout the world. You website visitors can therefore access customer websites more quickly.
  • You can get a VPS Cloud located in the BHS datacentre.
  • VPS Classic, Latency or Cloud are equipped with the Plesk management interface.
  • The arrival of Secondary DNS on VPS protects a VPS or VKS if the primary DNS fails.
  • 500 new domain extensions are available to pre-reserve.
  • Anycast DNS optimises access to websites across the world.
  • With the KVM VPS, you can manage VPS Classic and VPS Low Latency from the Control Panel.
  • Reverse DNS can be configured in the Control Panel.
  • Reverse DNScan be configured in the Control Panel.
  • Plesk 11.5, cPanel 11.36, Drupal 7.22 or even Joomla! 3.1.4 are available on virtual private servers (VPS).
  • Release of Microsoft Exchange 2013 by OVH.
  • The Release 3 in beta is also available on our VPS.
  • Release 3 in beta is also available on our VPS.
  • VPS Classic and Cloud can be located in the OVH datacentres in Strasbourg.
  • In beta, the PHP-FPM motor can make PHP performances up to seven times faster on web hosting plans.
  • The new web hosting plans, Personal, Professional and Performance, benefit from new integrated services and priority or guaranteed resources.
  • OVH changed the technique on its web hosting infrastructure to improve performance. This optimisation is now available in versions 5.3 and 5.5 in PHP language.
  • Customers with a VPS equipped with PrestaShop or LAMP can store their files on the VPS using FTP.
  • The alias management rounds off the features of the Exchange 2013 email solution.
  • server diagnostic lets you check that your Private Exchange account is correctly configured.
  • DNNSEC is available on 30 of the 93 extensions sold by OVH.
Cloud +
  • A virtual switch comes free with your vSphere as a Service (Nexus 1000v).
  • With the on-demand CDN, content stored in CDN Cloud is replicated and cached in 20 points of presence throughout the world.
  • Optimisation of migration to Dedicated Cloud: with Failover IP, customers can maintain the configuration of their Dedicated Server when they migrate to Dedicated Cloud.
  • Simplification of prices for Windows licences, which will be billed per VM if each server hosts less than 3 VMs.
  • VM templates for Windows 2012, Debian 7 and Ubuntu 13 can be installed in 1 click in vSphere.
  • A new Cloud section in the Control Panel for managing public cloud archives, Storage and CDN.
  • Dedicated Cloud can be located in the OVH Canadian datacentre.
  • The storage spaces can be linked to all virtual datacentres.
  • The Public Cloud section in the Control Panel is enhanced with new features.
  • Public Cloud Instances is released in closed beta.
Solutions +
  • Quicker, more reliable and efficient, hubiC is now compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and BlackBerry.
  • Version 1.7.26 of huniC, the online storage space, marks the clear increase in images displayed on the web and mobile applications.
  • hubiC gets its own API for creating applications, plugins and extending the features of the online storage service.
  • The new hubiC universe makes it possible to easily access all information on the online storage platform.
  • The API allows you to manage virtual private servers or administrate your CDN or BCP.
  • Anti-DDoS solution is automatically integrated on all servers, Dedicated Cloud and VPS solutions.
  • With the Anti-DDoS PRO offer, customers can access the Firewall Network Cisco configuration and optimise the security of their infrastructures.
  • Le réseau OVH se modernise constamment et vient de franchir un nouveau cap, avec 5 Tbps de capacité.
  • The dedicated servers benefit from unlimited bandwidth.
  • Dedicated Servers benefit from unlimited bandwidth.
  • The prices of theRIPE Failover IP decrease.
  • The prices of the RIPE Failover IP decrease.
  • With the WebStorage CDN, customers can store their files in cache across 20 points of presence.
Customer Service +
  • The OVH Academy 2013 gives customers the chance to take part in a training day on Dedicated Cloud.
  • The OVH Summit 2013 brings together more than 2,000 OVH customers and partners in Paris. A first for an independent French company in the IT sector.
  • Bills for all OVH services are now grouped togetherand can be accessed and downloaded from the Control Panel.
  • The Partners can now resell OVH solutions from the four universes: Web, Telecom (France only), Dedicated and Cloud. They also benefit from a brand new partner programme, available in several versions to suit the volume of their business.
  • Partners can now resell OVH solutions from the four universes: Web, Telecom (France only), Dedicated and Cloud. They also benefit from a brand new partner programme, available in several versions to suit the volume of their business.
Dedicated +
Web +
  • The VPS are evolving with 2 to 4 times more power, and are available from just €1.99 a month.
  • Los VPS are evolving with 2 to 4 times more power, and are available from just €1.99 a month.
  • VPS évoluent avec 2 à 4 fois plus de puissance pour un prix de départ à moins de 2 Euros par mois.
  • Ruby Stack is available on virtual private servers (VPS). Ruby Stack features can be customised: language version, database type, Apache or Nginx servers.
  • Ubuntu Desktop is available on VPS Cloud. You can host your virtual desktop on VPS Cloud with the Ubuntu Desktop distribution.
  • Plesk 12, the Parallels management interface, is free and can be installed in a few clicks on virtual private servers (VPS).
  • The disk space on email accounts increase from 2 to 5 GB per account. The number of emails (SMTP) that can be sent has also increased.
  • Domain names: OVH becomes an official TMCH agent and offers a trademark protection service.
  • To further increase protection, OVH offers DPML, . It enables brands to block their trademark from being registered as a domain name across all Donuts TLDs in one go.
  • ".ovh" the extension that brings together the OVH community is available to everyone.
  • 180 new domain name extensions are already available. The list continues to grow every week.
Cloud +
  • OVH releases RunAbove 1 pay-per-hour VM per host, the extreme performance cloud for developers.
  • Power8 on RunAbove the latest generation of IBM processors, performances up to 100 times quicker.
  • Docker on RunAbove is in beta.
Solutions +
  • Anti-DDoS, the system to protect against DDoS attacks, is integrated into all offers as standard.
  • The new version of the vRack is available on all the Dedicated Servers in the 2013 and 2014 ranges and on Dedicated Cloud 2014. Customers can interconnect their internal and external infrastructures, located throughout the world, via a 100% private network.
  • The Dedicated Connect solution is released. It lets you link your business network to the OVH datacentres via a guaranteed and fully isolated connection.
  • IBM Worklight, the mobile application development platform, is offered by OVH.
Customer Service +
  • On Kimsufi, So you Start and RunAbove, single invoice billing is implemented to simplify orders, payments and billing.
  • A 24/7/365 support for Dedicated Servers is put in place with the teams in Roubaix, Tunisia and Montreal joining forces.
  • 24/7/365 support for Dedicated Servers is put in place with the teams in Roubaix, Tunisia and Montreal joining forces.
  • The new OVH management interface, the Control Panel, is available.
  • The launch of the OVH World Tour: a day for customers and OVH experts to meet and communicate that took place in 18 cities and 9 countries.
  • The OVH Academy, Dedicated Cloud training sessions, are now ofered in Paris and Canada.
  • The OVH Community space has arrived. It's enhanced the site with guides, tutorials, use cases, access to forums, beta tests and the API. It enables users to communicate with each another, take part in product development and discover the OVH innovations.
  • OVH opens its Training Centrewhere employees will be trained.
  • The first satisfaction surveys are sent.
  • Le Marketplace s’enrichit constamment des services que les clients ont développés en se basant sur les services d’OVH
  • Partner Programme: a new website that enables companies to register as partners and offers the OVH partner directory.
  • New careers space. To get on-board with the OVH adventure.
So you Start +
  • OVH releases "So you Start". This brand offers servers that are excellent value for money to startups. So you Start also offers, under the OVH group, workshops for innovative beta testing.
  • The Game Servers are in beta. Servers specially designed for gaming that include the latest innovations.
  • Los Game Serversare in beta. Servers specially designed for gaming that include the latest innovations.
  • Game Servers are in beta. Servers specially designed for gaming that include the latest innovations.
  • The launch of the So you Start API (RESTful API), quick and secure.
  • Lanzamiento de la So you Start API (RESTful API), quick and secure.
  • So you Start API (RESTful API), quick and secure.
  • Implementation of automatic server renewal.
hubiC +
  • New offers that are easier to use and, as always, no commitment is required: 100 GB space for €1/month and 10 TB for €10/month.
  • Release of the Windows Phone 8 application.
  • The "smartphone backup" option is available on mobile applications. It enables you to save all or part of the content on your mobile (or tablet) - contacts, calendars, reminders, photos and videos – and access this data on a different device, running on any OS.
  • hubiC is now available to buy as a gift card in Auchan (France).
  • Synology, the NAS management application, lets you synchronise the content of your storage server with hubiC.
  • The archiving function lets you save any folder from your computer on hubiC.

Dedicated +
  • Dedicated Hadoop. Use Hadoop without having to deploy it on your 100% dedicated and scalable cluster.
  • Dedicated Cloud NOVA will expand. You will be able to manage Dedicated Cloud fully via Open Stack NOVA.
  • Dedicated Cloud Swift/Dedicated object storage. An object storage environment in a fully dedicated cloud
  • New NVMe drives. A new generation of drives to accelerate performances, offering excellent value for money.
Web +
  • New gTLDs. New domain name extensions will continue to be released.
  • Domain packs. New batches of extensions to boost your online presence.
  • Increased resources (Boost) on the Performance plan. Quick and on-demand with flexible monthly billing (and daily monthly billing coming soon)
  • Advanced monitoring and notification service. A range of tools to enable you to monitor the evolution of your website and anticipate its growth.
  • Update of the email MX Plan system. Among other things, the free email pack will be open to multi-domains.
  • Simplified SaaS solutions for emailing. For mass emailing, with tools for marketing management, follow-up and statistics.
  • PaaS solutions. Innovative platforms to accelerate the design and development of latest generation websites and applications
  • SharePoint 2013 solutions (based on Foundation and Standard versions)
  • Lync 2013 solutions (now called Skype for Business)
  • Commercial reseller programme. New Web products (domains, hosting) are coming to OVH Partners
Cloud +
  • Optimisation of new IBM Power 8 VMs following the implementation of services on these very high performance VMs.
  • RunAbove on OVH. RunAbove Cloud technologies will be integrated into OVH to simplify the way that OVH customers manage all of their services.
  • Cloud archives. Archive storage containers in the cloud, unique on the market in terms of restoration speed and archiving.
  • Hybrid VM backup. Backup of all your VMs, regardless of whether they are on a Dedicated Server, Dedicated Cloud, in your datacentre or in a secured environment with OVH
  • Cloud network tools. All solutions to support our customer's cloud services (Load Balancing IP, Failover IP, CDN…).
  • The unified cloud. Full integration of Dedicated Cloud/public sandbox/performance cloud and bare-metal (Dedicated Servers). This will include implementing vRack into all these technologies, migrating VMs from one environment to another in one click, e.g. from public to dedicated. All of this for the same price.
Customer Service +
  • Auto-renewal of OVH services. Automatic renewal of services to make your life easier (already in place on So you Start and Kimsufi).
  • A free and unique telephone number. A single, unique and free number to call the OVH customer service.
  • Customer Advocate. Every customer will be assigned a dedicated advisor who will manage all the their issues and queries (technical, commercial, advice, developments).
  • OVH Architects. A free service to help you design your projects, size your servers and choose the best configurations.
  • New Knowledge Centre. A new area for guides/videos/tutorials.
  • The OVH Academy will expand. It will open to non-customers. They will learn how to use our technologies through workshops. The Academy will stretch beyond the Dedicated Cloud (VMware) to cover other technologies.
  • User club. The regular meet-up between OVH and its customers. Customers will be invited to OVH for a day to co-design current and future technologies and think about new features.
  • Training Centre. The OVH Training Centre will be opened (launched in 2014 for employees) to customers and partners for advanced training, and to partners only to help them prepare for certifications.
  • Commercial and Affiliate Programmes. Improving our programmes for resellers and companies that recommend OVH technologies.
  • Marketplace 2015. Selling our partners' and customers' SaaS solutions directly on the OVH website.