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A look at the infrastructure that hosts the digital activities of multi-media group NextRadioTV

NextRadioTV is a French multi-media group that covers television, radio and digital with its three brands MC, BFM and 01net. To host these brands' online activities, NextRadioTV deployed at OVH a high availability infrastructure, capable of absorbing peak loads of up to 9 million visits per day. The group combined Dedicated Cloud, Public Cloud and dedicated servers to achieve a solid, highly scalable hybrid infrastructure that supports the group's six websites and 15 applications. Learn how NextRadioTV built this infrastructure, which replaced a cluster of more than 80 physical machines in 2014.

Key information

  • 500 Mb/s consumed outgoing bandwidth, typically 5 TB per day
  • 100 GB of images stored on the Public Cloud Object Storage
  • 60 GB database
  • 50 journalists edit content in the back office


  • In the event of peak loads, the volume of traffic can increase fivefold in less than 15 minutes, and the number of visits can reach 9 million.
  • High availability
  • The public platform and the back office restricted to journalists must be secure

  • 15 mobile applications
  • 6 websites (BFM TV, BFM Business, RMC, RMC Sport, RMC Découverte, 01net)
  • BFMTV.com portal:
    • Web (including mobile): 27.7 million visits, 68 million page views
    • Mobile applications: 18 million visits, 100 million page views
  • 01net:
    • Web (including mobile): 17.6 million visits, 58 million page views
    • Mobile applications: 500,000 visits, 3.3 million page views
  • User statistics April 2015 (source: Xiti)

Solution deployed at OVH

At the heart of NextRadioTV's infrastructure is a Dedicated Cloud, equipped with 7 XL hosts from the Enterprise range (32 cores + 128 GB RAM) and 8 data stores (6 x 1 TB + 2 x 3.2 TB) that run more than 80 virtual machines.

A dozen physical servers are combined with the Dedicated Cloud. 10 of them are used to form a database Galera cluster, and the rest to monitor and analyse logs in real-time using Elasticsearch.
Source images are stored on the Public Cloud Object Storage

Load balancing (Round-robin DNS + HAProxy)

Web Servers (Nginx), Application Servers (PHP-FPM) and caching servers (Memcache)

Data base Cluster

Infrastructure Monitoring and Administration

High Availability and Scalability of the Deployed Infrastructure

Infrastructure Security

Critical Data Backup and Thoughts on Disaster Recovery

Backoffice for Journalist and Pre-production

Google Servers Search Appliance


“Previously the NextRadioTV infrastructure was composed of a farm of 80 physical servers. The management of this many machines multiplies the risk of incident. In practice, we received alerts night and day, especially concerning hardware issues. We were forced to mobilize a team of system administrators to perform a job that had little actual value. Today, the Dedicated Cloud solution allows us to delegate hardware management to OVH. Except for the Galera data base cluster and the two machines used for monitoring, we now use the infrastructure without worrying about the hardware layer.
The Dedicated Cloud solution has simplified the multi-use of one platform to the benefit of all the group’s sites and applications. Recap: We have gained flexibility while reducing our cost by approximately 40 to 50%. It is now much faster to deploy a new VM rather that a dedicated server.
The complexity of the project resides in the way that the migration of dedicated servers to Dedicated Cloud is made without any interruption to service. For this, first we configured all the dedicated servers in the same vRack. Next we deployed the web servers on the Dedicated Cloud before configuring the DNS to point on towards the new infrastructure. The migration of the MySQL servers to the Galera cluster was carried out by MySQL replication."

Vincent Lae, IT infrastructure manager at NextRadioTV

Infrastructure components

Dedicated Cloud

Enterprise Range
Pack 2 hosts XL

597.00 ex. VAT/month

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(cluster Galera)

10 servers from the Infrastructure range
Model EG-128

239.99 ex. VAT/month

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2 servers from the Infrastructure range
Model EG-32

104.99 ex. VAT/month

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Service free with the Dedicated Cloud and dedicated servers in the Infrastructure and Storage ranges.

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