Dedicated Cloud

High availability

Peak loads

3-tier architecture

Safeguarding an infrastructure

Private networks (VLAN, vRack)

A high availability, peak load resistant infrastructure that provides in-store music to 7,000 shops worldwide

RadioShop is a sound design specialist with offices in Montpellier, Paris and Shanghai. The company creates bespoke in-store playlists for shops, including Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussamann, Habitat stores, Yamaha franchises and Subway sandwich stores. To identify the most suitable piece of music for a shop, create and play playlists that adapt to local weather conditions or how busy the shop is in real-time, RadioShop relies on the OVH Dedicated Cloud.

Key information

  • 7,000 shops worldwide
  • Up to 7,000 simultaneous requests on the infrastructure
  • 500,000 music tracks in the catalogue


  • A secure and scalable infrastructure that's easy to maintain
  • High availability
  • Peak load resistant
  • High bandwidth worldwide

Solution deployed at OVH

RadioShop started off with just one dedicated server, then 2, then 3, and it quickly found itself running a cluster of servers that required considerable time and effort to manage and maintain in terms of hardware failures, OS updates, attack mitigation, etc. However, in the words of the company's founder and CTO Thomas Bergerot, "our job isn't to manage servers. To be specific, as a programmer I make much better use of my skills when developing new elements for our customers' sound environments." This is precisely why RadioShop turned to the OVH Dedicated Cloud: the customer benefits from an easy-to-run production environment and guaranteed high availability, and OVH manages the hardware. "Every evening, 7,000 shops all over the world connect to our infrastructure to download their playlists for the next day. Internet connections in shops are generally quite poor and consumed for the most part by electronic payment systems. We therefore have a fairly limited timeslot during which we can distribute playlists, so it's imperative that our infrastructure is available during this time."

A 3-tier architecture

Secure infrastructure administration

Remote backup of data

Infrastructure components


Service included with Dedicated Cloud and Infrastructure and Storage range servers

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