High availability and collaborative applications on 2 dedicated servers

Edouard G, CIO of an industrial maintenance company (CMMS), wants to give his remote workers secure VPN access so they can access their contingency plans, files and technical manuals, and work collaboratively. He therefore needs an infrastructure with optimum security.

Key information

  • 3 Applications (extranet, CMMS, groupware)
  • 1 VPN IPsec service
  • 12 simultaneous remote users
  • National Access


  • Redundancy on 2 dedicated servers to ensure high availability
  • Master/slave model with simplified transfer
  • Synchronisation of servers via a private network
  • Monitoring to trigger master to slave transfer
  • Secure access (VPN service)

Solution deployed at OVH

Remote teams use their remote terminals to access the company’s main server via VPN IPsec. Each of the services (extranet, file server, CMSS) has its own IP failover which can be moved from the master to the slave if and when the master server fails.

When the master server fails, the monitoring VPS uses the OVH API to trigger the failover IPs to move from the master to the slave. Applications are also installed on the slave, and the data on the master is regularly synchronised to the slave via the private network. The VPS is also used to boot/reboot standby services on the second server.


"We opted for a dedicated server
with powerful CPU and RAM"

"My project was both simple and demanding. I wanted to give my workers more flexibility to work remotely, by giving them everything they needed to work using mobile devices, and secure access.

As availability was crucial, we needed to implement a solution which guaranteed high availability during working hours and service continuity.

We opted for two Infrastructure dedicated servers with powerful CPU and RAM. These also enable us to use a private network for synchronisation. A huge amount of memory enables us to scale up our environment if we ever want to deploy other applications.

Today my teams can access their files and our collaborative workspaces and CMMS from anywhere, through a high performance, secure and redundant environment."

Infrastructure components

2 x Infrastructure servers
EG–64 Xeon E5

Located in 2 OVH datacentres

144.99 ex. VAT/month

The vRack service

Included with Infrastructure servers

VPS Classic 1

1.99 ex. VAT/month