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A university provides its current students with a social network, or a content exchange platform, that can be accessed by the university's students, lecturers and administrative staff. This platform offers not only an instant messaging service, but also the possibility to create and join public or private groups, and store and share all types of content. Users can access it from a computer or mobile device - a smartphone or tablet - 24/7/365. We take a close look at the backup strategy behind this platform.

Key information

  • 20,000 users
  • Platform accessible 24/7
  • Dedicated Cloud hosting 13 VM
  • 100 MB of data saved in the database
  • 100 GB of stored files


  • Disaster recovery plan (DRP) with a recovery point objective (RPO) of 24 hours.
    (RPO: the maximum targeted period in which data can be lost from a service in an incident.)
  • Controlled costs

Solution deployed at OVH

The infrastructure of the university’s social network was deployed entirely on an OVH Dedicated Cloud.

The university's social network is hosted on an OVH Dedicated Cloud. The infrastructure is made up of a dozen virtual machines: web servers (load balanced by a fault-tolerant HAProxy VM) ), a cluster of database servers, file servers, cache servers and, on the side, a development server with a version control system and a pre-production server, used daily by the university's IT developers.

Defining a backup strategy

Implementing a Veeam Managed Backup backup strategy

Restoring a backed up VM

Infrastructure components

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