Dedicated Cloud

High availability and maximum security Dedicated Cloud Infrastructures

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Your OVH Dedicated Cloud

Dedicated Cloud; machines (hosts, datastores) or resources (RAM, CPU) offered to our customers on totally dedicated high availability infrastructures.

Driven by VMware solutions in "as a Service" mode, you build your Cloud by adding on demand physical resources to grow your business.

vSphere as a Service

vSphere + hosts and dedicated datastores

From: 421.00 /month

  • Up to 10,000 VMs

  • Dedicated vSphere/vCenter
  • vCenter 4.1u3 or 5.0u2
  • Hardware Visibility
  • Pre-configured packs + tailor made resources

vCloud as a Service

vCloud + CPU/RAM/Dedicated Disks

From: 584.00 /month

  • Up to 10,000 VMs

  • Dedicated vCenter/vCloud director
  • vCenter 5.0
  • Hardware Abstraction

Why use Dedicated Cloud?

Dedicated Cloud responds to numerous outsourcing requirements, as well as those of secure critical infrastructure construction. Total isolation and 100% SLA guaranteed for you and your customers.

Based on a certified platform

of active virtual servers

SLA measured by 99.99%*

OVH VMware certification
OVH ISO 27001 Certification

*: measures carried out on our infrastructure by a third party.

Why choose OVH Cloud Computing

As well as specialising in Cloud Computing, OVH is an expert in infrastructure. Choosing OVH means trusting in recognised technological expertise; nearly 30 million applications hosted, our own global network, a presence in 16 countries and total transparency in terms of the content and location of your Cloud.

While being an independent and pioneering Cloud service provider in Europe, OVH's technological outlook remains open, as demonstrated by the Global Service Provider award recently received from VMware. OVH is an expert in designing virtual datacentres with high energy efficiency. Our goal is to offer you the best in Secure Cloud with guaranteed resources with the best cost-effectiveness on the market.

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