Dedicated Cloud: The best of 3 worlds in 1!

Isolation, power, flexibility and high availability - no compromises:

Dedicated Cloud is a unique product on the global marketplace and it is the result of several years of research developed alongside the major virtualisation providers. Using OVH's know-how it combines the best features of three types of infrastructure to provide you with the latest cloud generation of the cloud and it is firmly aimed at professionals.



Fully managed hardware

Maximum security

Total freedom

Dedicated network

Dedicated Server


Maximum I/O

Choice of hardware

Transparency and isolation

vCenter, vSphere as a Service

cloud infrastructure




Upgrade in 5 minutes


Dedicated IaaS Cloud


The cloud of your dreams, step by step.

The cloud of your dreams: get started

Buy IaaS

1. You order your Dedicated Cloud pack and any additional resources in your chosen datacentre in France or Canada.

Install IaaS

2. OVH makes your chosen 100% dedicated servers (hosts) and disk arrays (datastores) available (including the 2 host and 2 datastores of the pack), in your chosen datacentre. They are automatically configured in high availability mode.

Virtualisation deployment

3. We deploy your usual virtualisation solution (VMware, Microsoft, etc.) automatically on these two servers and the cost of licences is included.

Activate IaaS

4. We activate your 100% private network and your bandwidth.

IaaS Cloud Access

5. 30 minutes later you will receive your secure access to one of the market-standard applications you already use to manage your cloud.

replacement hosts

6. In the event of failure, the hosts are hot-swapped in under 15 minutes and the datastores are doubled, immediately providing you with 100% SLA.

The cloud of your dreams: building your cloud

IaaS configuration

7. You can start creating, modifying and importing your virtual servers and configuring your dedicated environment and your rules - just as you would within you own business, but without the infrastructure installation time.

Scale IaaS Cloud

8. You can add new servers or disk arrays at any time without logging out of your usual application. These 1-click options are deployed in under 5 minutes (pay per hour or per month).

Entend Infrastructure as a Service

9. Your virtualisation application will be automatically extended to these new resources without you having to do a thing.

Entend IaaS Cloud

10. With the private network service, you can connect the machines on your Dedicated Cloud to all OVH services, (Dedicated Servers, Big Data), regardless of which datacentre they are hosted in.

The cloud of your dreams: go further

Create private networks

11. With Infrastructure Dedicated Cloud, you can create up to 4000 private networks to connect your servers, defined by your rules and deployed across our datacentres in your secure space.

IaaS connection

12. You can connect your OVH Dedicated Cloud to your datacentre using Dedicated Connect.

OVH Academy

13. Take part in our free OVH Academy training and improve your skills gradually.