The OVH difference

OVH is not satisfied with just providing turn-key hypervisors. We also bring you added value integrated into the hypervisor via plugins and additional features available in the Web Control Panel.

Resource management

Virtual Scope for monitoring your VMs

How can I get an overview of the infrastructure and the consumption of the virtual machines?

As hypervisors don't provide a general overview of the infrastructure and VMs for monitoring purposes, OVH has set up a tool specifically for this purpose. vScope provides a global overview of the infrastructure, a detailed view of each VM and alerts in the event of thresholds reaching critical levels (CPU/RAM/bandwidth/network/IO consumption). Access to vScope is secured by the OVH VPN that protects the Dedicated Cloud infrastructure.

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Emergency Hosts

If an interruption occurs on one of my hosts despite having taken all precautions, how will my VMs still be able to function?

The infrastructure is constantly monitored. If a faulty host is detected, your VMs will be relaunched on the other hosts of your infrastructure using the high availability features of the hypervisors. In under 15 minutes, a backup host retaining the configuration of the previous host is then added to the virtual datacentre. The load balancing solutions ensure stable distribution of the VMs across your hosts.

Test out the resources for a few hours

How can I be sure that the L size hosts are enough to supplement the starter pack and meet the demands of highly critical applications?

You can start off by renting a host by the hour. If you decide that the host meets your needs and you want to rent it for longer, you can switch to monthly billing, at any time via the Control Panel.

Add resources in one minute

A sudden load peak can bring down any website, no matter how well managed it may be. How can I be sure I will manage such demand in the shortest time frame?

One minute. That's all it takes for OVH to allocate resources to you, whether it's RAM, CPU, storage space to get more I/O, or any other Dedicated Cloud component.

Test the configuration by simulating a host failure

How can I be sure of the resilience of my hosts?

Within the hypervisor, simply right-click on the host to access the resilience feature. This feature enables you to crash any host to verify that the system is working.

Administrative management

The Control Panel

Where can I find the billing information?

The manager interface complements your chosen hypervisor. Via the Web Control Panel, customers can access all the billing information on their virtual datacentres through one medium. This interface also enables customers to manage their entire infrastructure and change licences as required.

Network management

Secure connection to the vCenter

Can I control and limit access to the vSphere Client?

Access to vCenter - the Dedicated Cloud management tool - is possible via the Web Control Panel. There are two options. With the open connection, you can connect to the vSphere Client via any IP address using the login and password. With the limited connection, a range of IPs is defined, which are authorised to connect to the vSphere Client, adding an extra level of security.

Geolocated IPs

Customers abroad often want their website IP addresses located in the country of origin.

OVH allows customers to add RIPE blocks of IP addresses located in their country of choice.

How do I update the reverse IP address?

Reverse IP addresses can be updated in the OVH plugin under the OVH Network tab, provided that they have already been linked to a domain name.

Customise a RIPE block

Can customers customise the data contained in their IP blocks?

OVH offers customers an option to modify the RIPE block data. Using the Web Control Panel, you can customise the network name, the description and the country the IP block is located in.

How do I secure access to my Dedicated Cloud?

Customers can activate the VPN service to log in to their Dedicated Cloud. Simply go to the OVH Network tab in the virtual datacentre and then click on "Activate VPN". A VPN client can then be installed on a workstation or mobile device on Android or iOS, in order to secure the access to the Dedicated Cloud.

Virtual machine management

Windows licensing

Can VMs with Windows licences be duplicated?

Simply request access to the SPLA licences at the time of order, or later via the Web Control Panel. Once validated, customers can then duplicate as many Windows VMs as they like. Billing is calculated monthly for every host with at least one Windows VM running, and according to the size of the host: 130.00 /month for Host S or M, 260.00 /month for Host L 480.00 /month Host XL. The price of the VMware licence is added to the total.