Why choose dedicated hardware?

Everything is dedicated

Naturally, every element of the Dedicated Cloud infrastructure is dedicated. This means that nobody else will have virtual machines on your hosts, and nobody else will benefit from the performance of your datastores. You are therefore guaranteed the best performances for your virtual machines by spreading them out across the different elements of your infrastructure.

A private network

All Dedicated Cloud resources are dedicated and the network is totally private. Each Dedicated Cloud has a least 2 VLANs: a non-configurable admin VLAN set up for the internal network and to ensure that the infrastructure runs correctly, and a VLAN connected to the internet. On Infrastructure Dedicated Cloud, you can have up to 4000 VLANs. On Enterprise Dedicated Cloud, you can also activate the Nexus 1000v option, enabling you to have several tens of thousands of VXLANs within the same virtual datacentre, which effortlessly isolate the different virtual machines.

Everything is redundant

Every element of the infrastructure is redundant. The server power packs, connectors, storage spaces, routers and switches all have a twin connected to a different power supply. This ensures that the guaranteed SLA for the Dedicated Cloud service is maintained.