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1000v A technology developed by Cisco and VMware, allowing up to 4000 VXLANs within the same infrastructure.
ACE/Load Balancer The load balancer allows incoming traffic to be spread across different designated servers.
Availability Availability is the term used when access to the service to deposit or retrieve data is required. The platform is said to be available (or accessible) via the tools provided with a given availability rate, i.e. the ratio between:
  • the determined availability time (excluding unexpected outages)
  • the total time
Cloud Clous computing means virtualised resources, available for public or private use. Cloud resources are numerous (processing and calculation, memory, virtual machines, network, storage, archiving, platforms and software). Cloud can be consumed internally by businesses on their own premises, and also by way of external leasing and pay per use. The infrastructures that produce these virtual resources and services can be geographically spread out, consolidated or connected, to provide a superior level of abstraction, which is independent of such considerations.
Datastore Datastores are high availability data storage disks (or disk arrays). They are set up using a master/slave system to guarantee 100% data accessibility. They host the content of the virtual machines.
Host A host is a physical server, dedicated to the customer that has rented it. It consists of CPU and memory resources (RAM), and it enables processing power to be given to the virtual machines.
OVF Open Virtual Format is the file format that allows deactivated virtual machines to be stored/moved. This is the most commonly used VMware format.
SLA Service Level Agreement: the commitment in terms of availability of the different Dedicated Cloud services, and the penalties incurred for failure to comply.
VLAN Virtual Local Area Network, a virtual local network.
VM/virtual machine A virtual server, composed of CPU (vCore), RAM, and storage, powered by the hosts and datastores.
VMware  The leading virtualisation software publisher.
VPN Virtual Private Network: A secure tunnel which enables connection to a Dedicated Cloud
VXLAN A virtual network
Veeam  Veeam is backup software used to manage and schedule backups of virtual machines deployed in a VMware environment.
vCloud A management interface developed by VMware for managing a virtual infrastructure, excluding the physical hardware abstraction layer.
vSphere A management interface developed by VMware for managing a virtual infrastructure.