The OVH network

Guaranteed bandwidth

OVH guarantees 40 Gbps bandwidth capacity. To provide this we have set up a huge network infrastructure enabling us to keep latency to an absolute minimum - both within your Dedicated Cloud and when communicating with the outside world!

Everything is doubled

We've got everything covered at hardware level to overcome any problem. The servers have two different power supplies, connected to two separate UPS devices. They are connected on two network connections to two different switches. The network that connects the servers is also doubled. Failure on any one of these hardware devices will not affect the running of your infrastructure!

Unique VLAN

The storage spaces and servers of your Dedicated Cloud are strictly reserved for your usage. Any communication between them takes place within a private VLAN, so it cannot be seen from outside and your data is always totally secure!


To manage your infrastructure, you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), via one entry point in your control panel. This network is completely secured via the SSL protocol. Access to your vCenter is simple and secure - it can meet the different requirements throughout the lifecycle of a project. It's up to you to choose your security policy - open (development),restricted (production) or dynamic (formula).

IP blocks on demand

You can obtain preconfigured IP ranges (also known as RIPE blocks) at any time. You can order them in just one click in the OVH Web Control Panel. In less than a minute, you get list of all IPs available on the internet. NB - these IP addresses do not belong to OVH, they are 100% yours!