IP addresses: monthly subscription FREE!

Add IP blocks (RIPE for Europe, ARIN for North America) to your Dedicated Cloud to get your services online.

Get your IPs in under a minute:

Get a block of IPs that can be allocated directly to your services via your Control Panel. Each block has 5 IPs reserved for routing the infrastructure.
Log in to your customer account, select the size of your IP block and the geolocation of your choice and get a list of all the IPs immediately available to use on the internet.

Number of IPs per block 16 IP
32 IPs
64 IPs
128 IPs
256 IPs
Number of IPs available 11 IPs 27 IPs 59 IPs 123 IPs 251 IPs
Setup fees 2 ex. VAT/month/IP
Monthly subscription FREE


IPv6 /56 included
Private IPs
Use of all private places
Public IPs
Buy RIPE IP blocks
Unlimited block publications
Migration of failover IPs from dedicated servers
Migration of RIPE blocks from dedicated servers or collocations Contact us