Virtual Scope: get a full overview of your datacentre

What is vScope?

vScope is a monitoring tool for Dedicated Cloud, designed by OVH. All useful information on your resources is displayed on one page. For example, for each host, you can instantly view the number of cores and VMs, the CPU and RAM load, and the network traffic. And for even faster reading, all data is colour-coded (green, orange, red or black). You can assess your virtual datacentre in the blink of an eye and anticipate new resources to be deployed.

Will it provide me with detailed information?

Yes. By double-clicking on a host, a VM or datastore, you will obtain specific information on this resource. You can also access a usage log for a past day, week, month or even a year, and you don't even need to install any software! You simply connect via a URL. What's more, our teams are constantly working to improve vScope. For example, an alert system is currently being developed to enable you to be kept informed by SMS or email if a resource turns red or black.

Why did you develop this tool?

vScope was borne of an internal need at OVH. The team in charge of the VPS offers - virtual servers based on Dedicated Cloud - was not satisfied with the existing monitoring tools. They wanted to view the status of their hosts, VMs and storage spaces more quickly in order to ensure that the infrastructure was always correctly dimensioned. So vScope was created and other OVH teams that were also using Dedicated Cloud found it very useful, and realised that their customers also needed it. OVH then decided to make vScope available for everyone.