Our virtualisation solutions

Dedicated Cloud comes with a hypervisor as a service. OVH provides a dedicated infrastructure with a preinstalled hypervisor of your choice. As you no longer need to configure your servers, you can concentrate on your virtual machines.

Customised or preconfigured?

With customised Dedicated Cloud infrastructures, you get to choose the physical machines that make up your infrastructure. You decide which VMs are hosted on which servers, and you can configure all hypervisor functions as though you were fully managing your infrastructure.

vSphere and Hyper-V (System Center Virtual Machine Manager) solutions, would suit this customised architecture model.

With preconfigured Dedicated Cloud infrastructures, we allocate dedicated resources to you to meet your overall requirements in terms of CPU, RAM and storage. The hypervisor takes care of configuring the high availability options and load balancing, etc.

The vCloud and Windows Azure pack solutions would suit this preconfigured architecture model.

VMware or Microsoft?

OVH has joined forces with VMware and Microsoft as part of the Dedicated Cloud service.

vSphere and vCloud hypervisors are developed by VMware, Hyper-V and Azure by Microsoft.

You can choose one or the other to suit your everyday usage.

Virtualisation (hypervisor) Software licensor Management mode
Serveur VMware vSphere vSphere VMware Customised Find out more
Serveur Hyper-V Hyper-V (SCVMM) Microsoft Customised Find out more
Serveur VMware vCloud vCloud VMware Preconfigured Find out more
Cloud Azure Azure pack Microsoft Preconfigured Find out more