Manage your Dedicated Cloud with Azure Pack

New: with the Azure hypervisor, Windows licences are FREE for all your VMs!
OVH and Microsoft are offering you the Microsoft Azure solution preinstallaed on your Dedicated Cloud and automatically extended to all the servers and racks included in your your pack.

Your datacentre

Your dedicated hosted infrastructure

With Dedicated Cloud Azure as a Service, you are one step closer to the cloud world and the abstraction of physical resources. You have your own dedicated infrastructure, a Virtual Machine Manager (virtualization solution from Microsoft), and a dedicated Azure package (client for managing virtual machines). Even the network is dedicated to you!

You can free yourself from administrative tasks, updates and resources maintenance: Azure Pack will do it for you. You always have an amount of CPU and RAM resources dedicated to your infrastructure that you can change whenever you need it.

An all-inclusive pack

OVH provides starter packs, each including:

  • Microsoft Azure Pack licences included,
  • Two servers (hosts)
  • Two disk arrays (datastores)
  • 100% SLA guarantee
  • Private network
  • Free Windows licences for your VMs.

Everything is included in these packs so that you can start using your Dedicated Cloud and creating your virtual machines within minutes.

Azure details

Your Dedicated Cloud Azure Pack guarantees you to be hosted on a platform that respects the restrictions of the Microsoft Publisher. The Dedicated Cloud Platform powered by Microsoft is also part of the Cloud OS Network. OVH also allows you to access all Azure features.

Features managed directly by Azure

High availability

High availability offers you protection against hardware failure and operating system malfunction. This service permanently monitors your virtual machines, so if one machine goes down, High Availability ensures that it's rebooted automatically on another server on your Dedicated Cloud. Your VM is available again within minutes and without any human intervention whatsoever.

Performance resource optimisation

This feature enables the load of the virtual machines to be spread across the different hosts of the infrastructure. If one virtual machine consumes more resources, the resource optimisation moves it to another server with a smaller load, so that performance is not adversely affected.

NVGRE networks

With Azure Pack, you can create different network segments and thus isolate your virtual machines from each other and also from the public internet.

NAT rules management

Configure your redirection rules between public and private IP addresses to make only the necessary IP addresses accessible from the public internet.

User features

Import virtual machines

OVH allows you to import your virtual machines (vhdz files) directly via FTPS protocol and thus easily migrate an existing infrastructure to your Dedicated Cloud Azure Pack.

Full web-based user interface

With the Dedicated Cloud Azure as a Service, you have access to a web interface to fully manage your infrastructure, create your virtual machines, configure the networks, manage your resources.