vCloud Datacenter

Move to Hybrid Cloud with total confidence

When faced with internal datacentres at saturation point, modern businesses have to consider moving to hybrid cloud. Thanks to the services of vCloud Datacenter, professionals can interconnect their internal cloud to an external Cloud without having to worry about application compatibility or interoperability at all.

The vCloud Datacenter certification awarded by VMware guarantees OVH customers that the Dedicated Cloud architecture and technologies are all fully compliant with the standards of the leading name in virtualisation. "This certification is recognition of our excellent command of VMware technologies, and it helps to promote the services of our company", Miroslaw Klaba, Head of R&D at OVH.

OVH expertise at the service of businesses

OVH is not contented with simply meeting the standards imposed by VMware's vCloud Datacenter, it goes even further by offering an external cloud which meets the requirements of businesses today.

Supported by the OVH 3 Tbps capacity fibre optic network with 33 peering points, Dedicated Cloud customers know that they can count on this architecture, which can be scaled to meet requirements at any time. All elements that make up each user's Dedicated Cloud infrastructure are interconnected within a private VLAN, and are totally isolated from the external network. Customers can thus rest assured that their Dedicated Cloud performance is fully guaranteed.

And naturally, all the resources needed to grow a business's Dedicated Cloud infrastructure are delivered on demand - storage, hosts, network, IP addresses and licences are also available within 5 minutes.