Additional options


Additional IP addresses

You can associate up to 256 IP addresses to your server, with no monthly fees. Only installation costs of €2 ex. VAT are charged. IP addresses and/or IP blocks are transferable between OVH servers, allowing you to keep them when changing machines. Furthermore, additional IPs can be geolocated in 14 countries.

Additional public bandwidth and guarantees

Our dedicated servers have a default public bandwidth. Depending on the needs of your business, you can add additional guaranteed bandwidth. This ensures you maintain a constant flow for your incoming and outgoing traffic.

Additional Private Bandwidth

OVH dedicated servers come with access to our private physical network, the vRack. By adding an additional bandwidth option, you increase the data transfer rate between your servers across all our datacentres. The vRack private network is compatible with other OVH solutions: dedicated servers, Private Cloud and Public Cloud.

Additional backup storage

Each of our dedicated servers has a 500 GB backup space for storing your data and configuration files. This space can be increased to 1, 5 or 10 TB for larger volumes.

Conseil, accompagnement et gestion de vos projets

Garantir la continuité de service de votre activité demande de plus en plus de compétences techniques et des moyens humains importants capables de supporter le 24/7. Libérez-vous de l'administration de vos serveurs. Nous vous fournissons l'infrastructure.