Increase your guaranteed bandwidth

Increase your guaranteed bandwidth

To complement your guaranteed bandwidth, you can increase the guaranteed speed for your specific upload requirements or for mass delivery of software updates, VOD, or even live streaming. In addition to the speed, the cross-connections available enable optimised geographical delivery.

Additional bandwidth pricing

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Bandwidth volume at the best price
Quality bandwidth in your geographical area
The lowest latency all over the world
Usage Download VOD Streaming
1 Gbps
(SP-XX, MG-XX, HOST-XX, EG-32/64/128, HG, BIG HG, FS-XX, BD-XX)
150.00 /month
75.00 /month
400.00 /month
200.00 /month
800.00 /month
400.00 /month
2 Gbps
290.00 /month
145.00 /month
780.00 /month
390.00 /month
1,570.00 /month
785.00 /month
3 Gbps
(mini HG, HG, BIG HG, HOST-XX-H, FS-48/72/MAX)
430.00 /month
215.00 /month
1,160.00 /month
580.00 /month
2,340.00 /month
1,170.00 /month
Active cross-connections
of the OVH network
Limited Advanced Total

How do I choose my bandwidth?

To order, go to your Control Panel.

Network cross-connections optimised for your requirements

The OVH network infrastructure guarantees the quality of data transfers to your customers, prioritising according to the usage and the geographical location of your users.

According to the location of your datacentre, the Premium, Platinum and Ultimate offers enable you to benefit from all or part of the global OVH infrastructure.

The global OVH network

Map of the OVH Europe network

The OVH Europe network

Map of the OVH America network

The OVH America network

OVH Asia network card

The OVH Asia network