Select the geographical location of your dedicated server

As the first OVH datacentre in North America, BHS is our biggest challenge to date. It opened in 2012 and will contain 360,000 servers when it reaches full capacity, making it the largest datacentre in the world. Dedicated hosting services are available for SP, EG and MG ranges.

"Roubaix Valley" - the birthplace of OVH - now has more than 100,000 servers spread across no less than 5 datacentres. The entire dedicated hosting range is available; SP, HG, EG, and MG.

This datacentre opened in 2012 with a total capacity of 50,000 servers. Your SP, EG and MG servers can be physically hosted here.

The Gravelines datacentre opened in 2013 and is the biggest datacentre in Europe. When running at full capacity, it will host a record 350-500,000 servers. You have the option of hosting your SP and FS range servers here.

Customer proximity

OVH knows that every milliseconds matters when it comes to ping, we enable you to select the location of your datacentre to bring you closer to your customers, whether they are in America or Europe.

BHS, North American datacentre

The Americas

The BHS* datacentre enables you to install your infrastructure closer to the major cities of North America.

RBX, historical datacentres

Western Europe and the rest of the world

By choosing RBX or GRA, latency times towards Western and Northern Europe will be reduced. You'll also get a central point on the OVH network, which is ideal for international business.

SBG, datacentre for Eastern Europe

Central and Eastern Europe

The SBG* datacentre is located at the heart of the OVH network, optimising application response times towards Central and Eastern Europe.


In the event of a major incident, having a backup in a geographically remote site is required to ensure the continuity of your service and protect you from totally losing your data. Located in the heart of Europe and more than 400 km away from our datacentre in Roubaix, SBG provides you a high-performance solution for your infrastructure redundancy.

You can thus choose to physically host your infrastructure in Roubaix and the SBG datacentre. By duplicating your data from SBG to Roubaix, or from Roubaix to SBG, you avoid any risk of disruption to your services.



Example of a backup infrastructure that could be set up.

*: The vRack, ACE Load Balancer and Cisco ASA Firewall are available at the BHS and SBG datacentres, inter-site Virtual Racks are coming soon!