Full security

Full security, 100% protection, 100% worry free offer.

How do I benefit from this service?

Full security

You must have a dedicated server at OVH using our custom version (OVH Release 1) of the updated version of the Redhat system. If your machine is not up to date we invite you to install the patch as described herein.

If your server is not in OVH release we invite you to ask our technical department to carry out a reinstallation.

We have prepared manuals about changing distributions https://help.ovh.ie/ReleasePatch

Why should I subscribe to this service?

When subscribing to FULL SECURITY, you no longer need to take care of the security from your computer. Just let OVH take care of all the necessary updates related to the security of your server.

OVH takes charge of the following operations:
  • Netboot activation
  • Implementation of releases as soon as they appear*
  • Update of GR Security kernel *
*: Maximum 24 hours after the official release

In case of a "Hack"

If a possible "Hacker" managed to connect to your machine, which is very unlikely, OVH undertakes to offer you a 1 year TOTAL SECURITY on the hacked machine, from the date of the hack, and adds:

  • Installing a new pre-installed drive on a new server order, is normally charged120.00 ex. VAT.

Subscription offer

The cost of the service is 149.00 ex. VAT/year, with no other setup fee.