Monitoring your server

Monitoring tools

OVH provides several tools to help you track the status of your machine and automatically triggers an intervention of a technician in the datacentre.


Receive notifications on your iPhone
With the Momi application, the monitoring alerts appear as notifications. Download the latest application.

Checking the server status


Monitoring Alerts by email or sms

All of our customers' servers and the entire network are monitored 24/7 by the OVH technical teams. intervenes as soon as an alert is triggered (not responding to pings) to minimise the downtime of servers and network.

In case of technical problem, we reboot your server and we send you a diagnosis of the incident so you can take steps to avoid a similar failure in the future. If necessary, a technician intervenes on your server and replaces the failed hardware. If the problem comes from software, we send you a diagnosis so you can take the appropriate action.

Stay informed of the status of your server


Verifying the proper operation of your server applications

Monitoring Alerts by email or sms

You can specify the services to monitor (HTTP, FTP, etc ...) and even lesser-known services through TCP probe.

Stay informed about the status of your server applications


Activation of monitoring alertsCreate an alertCreate an alert in expert mode