When should you reboot your server?

Your server doesn't respond: don't panic. OVH offers you the remote reboot service.

This service is included in any leasing of dedicated or private servers.

A free service

For any hosted dedicated server (or any rack space), OVH offers you remote reboot of the server (if it is no longer accessible).
Consequently, if your server no longer responds, you don't need OVH to reboot it.
It's sufficient to log in to Manager, 'Dedicated server' section - 'Services': you can activate the remote reboot and use it instantly.

A service available 24/7

If your server no longer responds, you can reboot it anytime with a simple click.
You can perform remote reboot as many times as you need. There is no maximum usage limit!
If your server won't respond, despite your rebooting attempts, don't hesitate to contact our technical support, so that we can physically reboot it.