RIPE IP Failover blocks

RIPE IP Failover block

Customised additional IPs for your server


With an RIPE IP Failover block, you can assign a block of 32 to 256 additional IP addresses to the dedicated servers and virtual machines of your choice.

The RIPE IP Failover block is an ideal solution to enhance the continuity of services for your applications ("failover"), allows you to optimise your SEO and 'customise' your IPs to international IPs.


With the properties of RIPE Failover IP, you have the following features:

Continuous fail-over service

With Failover technology, you switch the IP addresses on your block from one server to another in less than a minute (without any service interruptions for your users).

Ripe IP Failover block

Before: The flow of visitors is redirected to server A

Ripe IP Failover block

After: After the change to the Failover IP, the flow of visitors is redirected to server B.

The Failover system has been adopted by our customers to:

  • Support server migration (upgrades).
  • Switching their projects from a development environment to a production environment.
  • Switching traffic to a backup server in case of a production machine failure.

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You won't need to research and develop your new virtualisation project any longer. If you want to assign a public IP for each virtual machine, the solution of RIPE IP Failover blocks is the answer for you.

The technology of a virtual MAC from OVH allows you to associate the virtual MAC of a virtual machine to a Failover IP and so deploy your VMs with any hypervisor in "Bridge" mode.

Ripe IP Failover block

The flow of visitors is redirected to the virtual machine associated to the Failover IP.

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Personalised addressing.

Personalised addressing.

Determine your own addressing plan based on your services, clients, applications....combining the RIPE IP Failover Block of your choice

You can also manage the reverse DNS for the IP from the OVH Control Panel.

The RIPE IP Failover block is allocated so as to provide you with a list of continuous IPs (ex., ...), helping you simplify your addressing plan.
(ex., ...), you simplify your addressing plan.

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Customise your IP block

Do you want to make your project global? OVH allows you to choose the geolocation of your IP block, among 13 available destinations (DE, ES, EN, PL, ...).

By geolocating your RIPE IP Failover block, you'll improve the SEO of your projects in major search engines.

You can determine the name (netname) of your RIPE IP block and its description.

NEW : you can also manage the "organisation" field, allowing you to specify the details of your company, link to your own "abuse" e-mail address, and directly treat SPAM and litigation problems.

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With theOVH API you can automate your IP management (switching the server, reverse, etc...)

Limitation of a failover IP

You can switch IPs from one server to another in the same datacentre. You can also switch IPs between different datacentres, if the datacentres are located in the same country.


To order a RIPE IP Failover block, go to your Control Panel

The "Professional Use" option must be enabled on the relevant servers (pre-2014 ranges), to benefit from this service.

IP blocks
Quantity of IPs/block 4 IPs
8 IPs
16 IPs
32 IPs
64 IPs
128 IPs
256 IPs
Setup fees 2.00 ex. VAT/IP
Monthly subscription FREE*

*Excludes the PRO option for old server ranges.