Real Time Monitoring

Your server status in real time

RTM for Real Time Monitoring!

RTM software is extremely simple and very securely developed by OVH and installed on dedicated servers.

On each server, an RTM client runs every 60 seconds and sends UDP information on the operation of the machine to the RTM server.

This allows you to view, monitor and set alerts on the status, duties and security of your OVH dedicated servers. Also the RTM is very light, it does not affect the information because of its own operation.

From the ManagerV3, you can check the RTM displayed in 4 tabs: Summary, Hardware, Software and Backdoor.

RTM Summary

Find information and options regarding your distribution and your RTM.

You also have the graphics and load indicators of your server resources (CPU, RAM, SWAP), your hard disk (/ and /home), and the processes running on your server.

You also get a history (RTM archived data) to view your past statements.

RTM Hardware

Check the condition but also detailed information of your server (Motherboard, RAM, CPU, Hard drives and PCI peripherals.)

RTM Software

Display the open ports and the associated processes on your server.

RTM Backdoors

Check out the different types of detected and deactivated backdoors on your server.
And you create a whitelist, to disable the inadvertent detection of process related to a Backdoor.