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If you have a dedicated server at OVH, you can now order an extra hard drive. We connect a 2 TB hard drive to your dedicated server!


This is an external hard drive connected to your server though USB.


This USB drive is suitable for your storage, backups and archiving data.
Your USB drive is recognised as any storage device under Windows and as a hard disk under Linux.
However, this USB drive is not intended for heavy use.


You can order an additional USB drive for your server whenever you want and get an extra 2 TB of disk space!

Your USB drive has a lifetime guaranteed. In case of failure, we replace it with a new disk.
To recover the old drive or its contents, we will send your failed disk by UPS package at a price of 140.81 ex. VAT.

Order a USB disk:

You can order your USB hard drive through your Manager v3, from the Dedicated Server tab in the Services section.

2 TB USB Hard disk
Setup fee29.99 ex. VAT
Price9.99 ex. VAT/month

For more:

  • When installing your first hard disk, OVH restarts your dedicated server to activate the USB in the BIOS.
  • Your USB drive is permanently installed on your server (it cannot be removed).
  • Only a single USB disk per server can be deployed.