Group your servers together in your own Virtual Rack with ease

What is a Virtual Rack?

The Virtual Rack brings together several virtual servers (regardless of number and physical location in our datacentre) and connects them to a virtual switch within the same private network. Your servers can communicate privately and securely between each other (in a dedicated VLAN).

Principle operation of the Virtual Rack

Concentrate on your business!

Let OVH take care of the rest.

You don't need to worry about renting a datacentre rack, ordering a server and switches, or installing and maintaining hardware. The Virtual Rack means OVH will manage your network and hardware infrastructure, letting you concentrate on your core business. Even better, the Virtual Rack is more flexible than a physical one and can contain any number of servers, and you decide when to add (or remove) a server.

High availability

Fully redundant connectivity

Don't worry about connection failure between the internet and the Virtual Rack any more. Everything has been doubled up, including routers and load balancers.

Our routers work in failover mode. The load balancers work in master and slave mode: the configurations and connection status are copied in real-time from master to slave. In the event of one of them going down, the other takes over immediately.

Don't leave your network architecture to the mercy of hardware.

Maintain control of your network.

Personalise and modify your settings.

All your servers within your VLAN communicate securely. You can make your servers only available from your private network, or from the public network, at your convenience. Your private network is physically managed by OVH, and no software or specific network configuration is required on your server.

You get many features and options:

New! Add your IPv6 RIPE blocks to your Virtual Rack.

- Enable routing of a public Failover IP block, and take control of the address management of your serverand exploit the full potential of your virtualised infrastructure with RIPE IP blocks (redundant)

- At no extra cost, get this fully redundant IP block on two frontend routers

- Interconnect your networks securely with the Cisco ASA VPN
- Get a highly configurable redundant load balancer with the Load Balancer.

Ordering and activating your Virtual Rack.

How can I place an order for a virtual rack?

The Virtual Rack is included with the Infrastructure range and is available as an option on all 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps servers from the 2013 range or earlier (EG, MG* and HG) located in the RBX datacentres (soon to be available in SBG and BHS).

You can individually select the servers you want to add or remove from your virtual rack, directly from your Manager.

Server Type Compatibility
(2013 range or earlier)
Enterprise, Hosting

*excludes MGs connected in 10 Gbps

How will my Virtual Rack be set up and how long will it take?

After the payment of your order has been confirmed, we will automatically connect each server you want to your virtual switch.
Server downtime is almost undetectable (3 seconds - the time it takes to reconfigure your network). Your server will not be rewired or moved and it will continue to operate as before!
You will then receive an email with the details on how to start using your Virtual Rack network.


For the compatible servers (EG/MG/HG – 2013 range or earlier), your Virtual Rack will be billed to you 29.99 /month for your Virtual Rack, regardless of the number of servers. Subcription to the 'Professional Use' option is required on each server.