Anycast DNS

Your website is always accessible, in record time, across the entire world!

0.99 ex. VAT/year/domain

Unlimited requests, unlimited traffic

Anycast DNS, a performance accelerator

Anycast DNS is a powerful solution that accelerates the traditional functioning of DNS servers, providing faster response times during the initial hits to your websites, from anywhere in the world (See detailed explanations).

OVH is offering this solution, based on our global DNS servers, as an option for all your domain names at the best value for money.

Activating the Anycast DNS option
Activation on purchasing a new domain 0.99 ex. VAT/year/domain
Activation on renewing a domain Included
Activation on your existing domains at any time Included
How it works
Deployment/setup time Automatic
Deployment time on our servers Immediate
Maximum DNS propagation time 48 hours

Location of your DNS servers

When you sign up for this option Anycast DNS, you will automatically see your DNS record replicated in the 19 following cities:

North America
Canada Toronto
USA Chicago
USA Dallas
USA Newark
USA San Jose
USA Ashburn
USA Atlanta
USA Los Angeles
USA Miami
USA Seattle
Germany Frankfurt
Spain Madrid
France Paris
Italy Milan
Netherlands Amsterdam
Poland Warsaw
United Kingdom London
Japan Tokyo
Singapore Singapore

* Anycast DNS will be offered to you as an option when you order a domain.

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