Anycast DNS, a performance accelerator

Your website is always accessible, in record time, across the entire world!

The Anycast DNS system means that the server nearest to your user’s location will load your website, improving load times.
You can select this solution as an add-on when you get any domain name from OVH. This value for money solution is powered by our global DNS servers.

Anycast DNS

 ex. VAT/year/domain

*Anycast DNS will be offered as an option when you order a domain

How does it work?

Deployment/setup time Automatic

Deployment time on our servers Immediate

Maximum DNS propagation time 48 hours

How does it work?

How does a DNS work?

Your website is hosted on a server identified by an IP address. To receive data from your website, your visitors will need to get this address - but they will only know your website by its domain name. A DNS translates this domain name into an IP address: this is called a DNS lookup.
When a visitor enters the domain name into their browser, a request is sent to the DNS server, which returns the server's IP address.
The browser then sends a direct request to the server to return the webpage's data.

DNS deployment details

Potential problems with a standard DNS

How traditional DNS works

Normally, your DNS records are based in a single location: the place where your DNS server is physically installed.

High latency:

If your website visitors are based far from this location, the data exchanged during a DNS lookup will need to travel a longer distance, and will take more time to load as a result.


If the DNS server becomes unavailable, the domain name entered cannot be converted into your server's IP address. Your visitors will not be able to access your website, and your SEO ranking will drop.

How does an Anycast DNS solve these problems?

How Anycast DNS works

The Anycast DNS automatically duplicates your DNS records worldwide via the OVH global network, in four points of presence spread across the globe. (See the list).
Your DNS records are then present around the world, and are as close as possible to your web users.
The Anycast IP redirects visitors to the DNS server that is physically closest to them. Even if they are based in Tokyo, your web pages will load in record time.
If one of your servers experiences an outage, your visitors will be automatically redirected to the next closest server.
This way, your visitors can access your website in optimal time!


Location of your DNS servers

By signing up to the Anycast DNS option, your DNS records will be replicated in the following four cities:

North America