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The above prices do not apply to premium domain names.

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Any individual or legal entity may register a .corsica domain name if they meet at least one of the criteria detailed below:
  • Companies in Corsica: A company with headquarters in Corsica or with its head office outside Corsica but a secondary establishment registered in Corsica.
  • Residents of Corsica: the registrant may be an individual with a valid address on the territory of Corsica.
  • Diaspora and link to the Corsican community: any individual who has and will have to prove a direct or indirect link (economic, social, cultural, familial, historical or otherwise) with Corsica.

In addition to the above criteria, the registrant of a .corsica domain name is obliged, in the event that they create a website, to keep at least one page of their .corsica website in Corsican. This page must be referred to on the home page and published, at the latest, 3 months after the website's publication date.

Booking period: 1 year
Renewal period: 1 to 10 years
Delivery time: Immediate
Domain size: 3 to 63 characters
WHOIS link: whois.nic.corsica
Internationalised domain names (IDN) supported: No
Price: 17.99 ex. VAT

You can renew on ovh.ie or in the Control Panel via the "my products" section.
If the domain name is not renewed in time, it will go into the redemption period. During this time, the owner will be able to reactivate it directly on this page.
Once the redemption period has expired, the domain name will be definitely deleted and will be available for purchase again.
If you have automatic renewal, your domain will be automatically renewed before the expiry date. You will have the option of cancelling your automatic renewal two months before your domain name expires.

Warning emails 60, 30, 15, 7 and 3 days before the expiry date: yes
Email the day of expiration for notification of suspension of a domain name. yes
Email following the Redemption Grace Period for notification of deletion of domain name. yes
Renew directly on ovh.ie : yes
Renew via your Control Panel : yes
Price: 18.99 ex. VAT
To transfer your domain name to OVH, you must contact your registrar in order to get the authentication code and unlock your domain.
You should then go directly to this page to complete the transfer.

Time to complete the transfer: 5 - 10 days
Price: 17.99 ex. VAT
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Price: Free
You can change the domain name owner directly, via your Control Panel . Go to the "Administration" section, then "Manage contacts". You can also make this change via the procedure detailed here.

The domain name owner can initiate a reactivation by making a request to support.
Note: This is only possible when the domain name is still in its redemption period.

Reactivation by the owner: yes
Price: 52.99 ex. VAT

Disk space: 10 MB
Monthly traffic included: 1 GB
Email accounts: 1 x 5 GB
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