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459.00 ex. VAT

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1 year

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75.99 ex. VAT

The above prices do not apply to premium domain names.

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Applications for a .tickets domain name are subject to a verification of personal information.

Undertake one of the following procedures:

1. If your domain name could conflict with trademarks, the application will be placed in "pending to create" status and published in a list available at the following address: http://go.pardot.com/e/134711/2016-03-01/41n3n/2837901 for 60 days. When it enters this period, the competing registrants have to demonstrate to the registry that they are authorised to register for the domain name in question. The registry will analyse the requests and assign the domain name to the applicant with the appropriate rights. If a third party makes a rival application before the end of the period, and the original registrant cannot demonstrate his eligibility within the deadline, his request will be rejected by the registry and the domain name will be assigned to the first third party who can prove that he has the necessary rights. If such cases where the registry refuses the original request no audit fees will be reimbursed.

2. In all other cases, domain names will be assigned once the registry has verified the personal information and within five days of the application. Applications for a .tickets domain name are subject to a period of five days to verify personal information.

Valid rights accepted by the Registry:
  • A national or regional trademark registered in the ticketing sector.
  • A term or name used in the ticketing sector (hallmark).

Booking period: 1 year
Renewal period: 1 to 10 years
Delivery time: Immediate
Domain size: 3 to 63 characters
WHOIS link whois.nic.tickets
Internationalised domain names (IDN) supported Yes
Price 459.00 ex. VAT

You can renew on ovh.ie or in the Control Panel via the "my products" section.
If the domain name is not renewed in time, it will go into the redemption period. (30 days) During this time, the owner will be able to directly on this page.
Once the redemption period has expired, the domain name will be definitely deleted and will be available again.
If you have automatic renewal, your domain will automatically be renewed before the expiry date. Two months before your domain name expires you will have the option of not renewing it.

Warning email: 60, 30, 15, 7 and 3 days before the expiry date. yes
Directly from the site ovh.ie yes
From your Control Panel yes
Price 439.00 ex. VAT
To transfer your domain name to OVH, you must contact your registrar in order to get the authentication code and unlock your domain.
Then go directly to this page to transfer.

Time to complete the transfer 5 - 10 days
Price 459.00 ex. VAT
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Price Free
You can change owner directly on Control Panel , in the "Administration" section, then "Manage contacts". You can also make this change via a procedure available here.

The domain name owner can by making a request to support.
Note: This operation is only possible when the domain name is still in redemption period.

Redemption period 30
Reactivation by the owner yes
Price 75.99 ex. VAT

Disk space 10MB
Monthly traffic included 1GB
Email accounts 1 x 5 GB
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