New Extensions FAQ

FAQ on Trademark Clearinghouse

Will registering a trademark prevent a third party from registering an associated domain?

No. If a third party tries to register a domain relating to a brand registered with TMCH, it will be alerted via a notification system (trademark claims).

If after having received and confirmed receipt of this warning, the domain name owner proceeds with the registration of the domain name, the trademark owner will be informed so that they can take the necessary measures to preserve their rights.

How much does TMCH registration cost?

At OVH, TMCH registration costs €179 for 1 year, €499 for 3 years, €799 for 5 years. These prices are per trademark, and do not include VAT.

How can I find out when a sunrise period will be launched?

If you are registered with the TMCH via OVH, you will receive a bi-monthly email to inform you of the ongoing sunrise period and those to come.

Which brands are eligible to register with the Trademark Clearinghouse ?

The trademarks that can be registered with the TMCH are commercial trademarks that have been duly registered and validated in a juridiction (INPI, OHMI, OMPI, etc.), trademarks protected by law or treaty, and those validated by a tribunal.

Protected trademarks will be able to contain a full stop under certain conditions:
  • In an abbreviation (L.A. Gear)
  • As punctuation (Just Do It.)
  • As a visual aspect of the brand (Deloitte.)

The following cases are excluded:
  • At the beginning of a trademark (.ICANN)
  • Before a top-level extension (E.One)

FAQ on the new extensions

What are new extensions?

The term "new extensions" refers to the extensions that will soon be available for domain names. They will complement the existing generic and geographic extensions such as .com, .fr, .net etc.

What is pre-reservation with OVH ?

Pre-reservation is for our customers to express their interest in a domain name associated with one of the coming new extensions. This way, we can keep you informed as soon as information on these extensions is released (price, availability date ...).

It also means that the order process will be even faster for you when these extensions are released, to increase your chances of winning your chosen domain names.

Do I have to pay to pre-reserve?

No. Pre-reservation at OVH is totally free of charge.

Is pre-reservation only for OVH customers?

So that we can notify you as soon as we receive new information on the extensions you want, we'll ask you to create an OVH account if you don't yet have one.

However, you don't need to be subscribed to one of our services to pre-reserve a domain name.

I am obliged to purchase the pre-reserved domain name with a new extension once it becomes available?

Pre-reservation simply allows you to express your interest in a domain name, so we can keep you informed of any relevant information that comes to our attention.

I am guaranteed to get a domain name that I've pre-reserved with a new extension?

No, and there are many reasons for this.

Firstly, the extension application could be rejected by ICANN. If this happens, this extension will never be released. We are also unable to reserve domain names with an extension that ICANN has not yet approved. On release, it will be first come, first served.

However, as soon as it is released, OVH will immediately offer you the domain name you have pre-reserved, with a link for immediate order. Your chances of getting the desired domain name will then increase dramatically.

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