IDN domain names

Communicate in the language of your visitors

Adapt your website to your customers:

Thanks to international domain names (IDN), you can offer your products in the language of the countries you target by using specific characters and accents (é, ê, è, ë..). You can use and combine the characters, numbers and symbols of more than 350 different languages.

Special characters

Whether it's extension or the registrar, all domains containing non ASCII characters will need to be converted. This conversion is internal, and is carried out automatically by all browsers, so that internet users can use the special characters format when visiting your site.

A domain containing special characters (non-ASCII) is normalised by adding the ACE prefix (ASCII Compatible Encoding) presented under xn-- form, then modifying the domain. The address containing the prefix must be used for your DNS records. A converter is available at this page.

Ordering your IDN domain name

OVH immediately detects the language you want to register your domain in. You don't need to install any plug-in... it's all done automatically.