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Protect your trademark with OVH TMCH

The new gTLDs present new opportunities for brands, but also risks, as there will be many chances for cybersquatters to exploit your trademark. That is why the internet regulation authority ICANN has created the Trademark ClearingHouse (or TMCH), a trademark protection service.

OVH has just been certified as an official TMCH agent and is thus authorised to register your trademarks. OVH will verify your trademark and collect all the necessary supporting evidence before registering your file at the TMCH.

Would you like to register a "mytrademark.dublin" or a "" domain?
By registering your trademark with the TMCH through OVH, you will have many ways to protect it.

Take advantage of the Sunrise period

Every time a new extension is launched, a minimum 30-day priority period opens for trademark owners to protect any domain names related to their trademark.

As a registrar, OVH will register domain names relating to your brand at your request, with new extensions which are of interest to you (if the Sunrise eligibilty criteria are met).

Receive registration notifications

Once you have registered your trademark with the TMCH, you will be alerted every time that a domain name is registered which relates to your brand in a new extension. OVH will forward any notifications as soon as they are received.

Take advantage of the "Abused Domain Name Label" service

Once your trademark has been registered with the TMCH, you will also be able to protect it by adding up to 50 "Abused DNLs". These domain name labels have been found to be abusive by a court order or URDP ruling. Once registered with the TMCH, they will benefit from the Trademark Claims service.

Why choose OVH as your TMCH agent?

As OVH has been a domain registrar since 1999 and now manages 3 millions domain names globally, your service is guaranteed to benefit from this expertise - reduced costs and delivery times, legal support, and if required, our teams are on standby to answer all your questions.

Which trademarks are eligible for Trademark ClearingHouse registration?

The trademarks that can be registered with the TMCH are commercial trademarks that have been duly registered and validated in a juridiction (INPI, OHMI, OMPI, etc.), trademarks protected by law or treaty, and those validated by a tribunal.

How much does it cost to protect my trademark through OVH?

You can subscribe to the OVH TMCH service for a duration of 1, 3 or 5 years. Here are our prices:

1 year 3 years 5 years
£179 excl. VAT/trademark £499 excl. VAT/trademark £799 excl. VAT/trademark

Pour plus d'informations sur la TradeMark ClearingHouse, consultez notre FAQ TMCH.

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