OWO Service

Protect your personal information in the Whois

Hide your details

What is the Whois?

The whois can search the databases of Registries. This service contains the addresses, emails and phone numbers of owners of domain names.

Protect your information

With the OWO service, you can hide your choice of information in the whois: address, email or phone number.
OVH ensures that your information will never be published or sold.

This service is free and available for generic domains
For more information
consult the guide

Stay connected without disclosing your personal details

OVH provides an OWO email account replacing your personal address in the whois. Protected against spam, it will redirect all your mail to your home address without disclosing your information to your visitors. Redirection is invisible as long as you want. You can repost your home address at any time.

Activate or deactivate OWO with one click

You can enable or disable the OWO service at any time. To do so, go directly into your Control Panel

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